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Form 990, Part I, Line 20 Joint Israel activity: In order to be as transparent as possible on the operations of the organization, JDC has elected to file form 990 on a consolidated basis, a basis consistent with its audited financial statements, and has included the activity of its foreign related organizations listed on Schedule R, including Joint Israel, a separate 501(c)(3) organization which also filed a form 990 for the year ended December 31, 2020. Joint Israel had net assets of $53,890,000; revenue of $120,927,000; and expenses of $117,400,000 for the year ended December 31, 2020. These balances, as well as all Joint Israel activity during the calendar year, including program services and grants paid and received, are included on JDC's form 990.
Form 990, Part III, line 1, Mission statement, continued: to serving the needs of Jews throughout the world, particularly where their lives as Jews are threatened or made more difficult, through the following mission: Rescue whenever and wherever a Jewish community is threatened: in the early 1990s, JDC helped sustain and rescue 15,000 Ethiopian Jews. Today, JDC maintains global networks and contingency plans in the event of a crisis. Relief for Jewish communities in distress: JDC, through an infrastructure of local independent affiliates throughout the region, provides support that results in the provision of food, clothing, and medicine to hundreds of thousands of impoverished elderly Holocaust survivors and children in need in the former Soviet Union ("FSU") and throughout the world. Renewal and discovery of Jewish heritage and Jewish community life: since the fall of communist regimes in Europe, JDC helps Jewish communities rediscover their heritage and rebuild a vibrant Jewish communal life. Partnership with Israel as it addresses the social service needs of its most vulnerable communities: children at risk, struggling immigrant populations, the elderly, and the disabled. Global response innovative development (GRID): Non-sectarian aid in response to natural and manmade disasters and long-term development assistance provided to non-Jews to fulfill the Jewish tenet of tikkun olam, the moral responsibility to repair the world and alleviate suffering wherever it exists. Operating Principles - JDC adheres to the following three operating principles: 1 - JDC is non-partisan and apolitical. 2 - JDC seeks to empower local communities by creating model programs and training local leadership to manage the programs. During a project's formative stage, JDC handles the administrative responsibilities and evaluates the project for effectiveness. 3 - JDC builds coalitions with strategic partners who, ultimately, will assume responsibilities for the programs. Often referred to as "The Joint," JDC has worked in over 85 countries over the course of its history and has played a role at virtually every major juncture of Jewish history since its founding.
Form 990, Part V, Line 1A Number reported in Box 3 of Form 1096: The total number of 1099's for the tax year includes 23 payments for the gift annuity trusts.
Form 990, Part VI, Section A, line 2 Relationship disclosure: The organization distributes a questionnaire annually to its officers, directors, and key employees concerning the family and business relationships required to be reported on Part VI Section A line 2 and Schedule O. The following directors have family relations with other directors: 1. Betsy R. Sheerr & Benjamin Gordon 2. Betsy R. Sheerr & Charles K. Ribakoff 3. Mark B. Sisisky & Joy Sisisky 4. Amy Bressman & Ethel Bressman Davis 5. Louis Thalheimer & Laurie Rosenblatt 6. Caryn Wolf Wechsler & Alia Wechsler Gorkin 7. Ken Witover & Bradley Witover 8. Susan Stern & Amanda Stern 9. Bruce Kohrman & Lee Kohrman 10. Bradley Witover & Ken Witover 11. Michele M. Rosen & Leslie Rosen
Form 990, Part VI, Section B, line 11b Process to review Form 990: The Form 990 was prepared by accounting staff of JDC and reviewed by an independent accounting firm. It was reviewed internally by JDC's management prior to being made available to the Audit Committee of the AJJDC Board of Directors. The Audit Committee was asked to submit any comments or questions to the Chief Financial Officer. After comments were received, reviewed and incorporated, as needed, the final Form 990 was distributed to the Board prior to its submission to the IRS.
Form 990, Part VI, Section B, line 12c Conflict of interest policy monitoring and enforcement: Directors are required to sign an annual conflict of interest statement. Those who do not submit this statement may be suspended from the Board until such statement is submitted. The statement is distributed to the Board after the first of each calendar year. JDC's general counsel and compliance officer monitors board member disclosures and sends follow up requests to those board members who have not submitted their statements by the appropriate deadline. All statements are reviewed by legal counsel. in the event a conflict is determined to exist, the conflict of interest policy requires that the Audit Committee, consisting of independent directors, discuss, and take action in relation to the conflict. Any person with a conflict does not participate in the decision-making process for resolution of the conflict.
Form 990, Part VI, Section B, line 15 Process for determining compensation for officers and key employees: JDC's Human Resources Committee has been presented with and has reviewed the total compensation of JDC officers, key employees, and highly compensated professional staff during its December 2019 meeting for 2020 compensation. All members of the Committee are independent directors/trustees of JDC. The organization obtains comparable data for the CEO's salary and benefits. JDC hires an independent outside firm to prepare a report to assist the committee with an independent analysis of market compensation practices for CEOs of other non-profit organizations. The analysis includes base salary, other compensation, and benefits. Information is also obtained from the most recent federal Form 990 of these other organizations and shared with the committee. The committee also discusses and reviews the CEO's performance over the past year and considers this in its overall decision-making process. Minutes of the meeting are prepared disclosing persons attended, terms of the recommendations, and the comparable data obtained and relied upon by the committee. The minutes are shared with the Committee within 60 days from the date of the meeting.
Form 990, Part VI, Section C, line 19 Documents available to the public: Copies of JDC's tax-exempt determination letter, whistleblower policy, conflict of interest policy, financial statements, and federal Form 990 are maintained and made available on JDC's website. The bylaws and articles of incorporation are available upon request.
Form 990, Part XI, line 9: Actuarial adjustments for pension plan -6,659,681. Actuarial adjustment for non-qualified plans 730,496. Foreign currency gain 542,868. Actuarial loss on annuity obligations -214,862.
Form 990, part XII, line 3 Funding from U.S. Government Agencies: Occasionally JDC receives minimal funding from U.S. Government agencies. The amounts do not meet the threshold to undergo and audit or audits as set forth in the Single Audit Act and OMB Circular A-133.
Form 990, COVID-19 impact on the organization: The COVID-19 pandemic, whose effects first became known in January 2020, is having a broad and negative impact on commerce and financial markets around the world. The extent of the impact of COVID-19 on JDC's operational and financial performance will depend on certain developments, including the duration and spread of the outbreak, which at present cannot be determined. JDC estimates at this stage, based on the information in its possession as of the date the consolidated financial statements were available to be issued, that the COVID-19 pandemic will not have a material impact on the results of JDC.
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