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OMB No. 1545-0047
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Name of the organization
Trinity Christian School Inc
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Return Reference Explanation
Client Note 1 Client Note 1 - Return includes reporting for that of Trinity at the Reserve, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary
Form 990, Part VI, Line 11b: Form 990 Review Process The completed Form 990 was forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval. Every month, the Board receives financial reports that are also reviewed.
Form 990, Part VI, Line 12c: Explanation of Monitoring and Enforcement of Conflicts The Organization has a conflict of interest policy that the board is aware of and reviews at least annually.
Form 990, Part VI, Line 15b: Compensation Review and Approval Process for Officers and Key Employees The headmaster reviews and approves all salaries, and the board approves the headmaster's salary and the budget.
Form 990, Part VI, Line 19: Other Organization Documents Publicly Available Upon written request to the Board of Directors, a copy of this Form 990 is available at the Board's discretion
Other Changes In Net Assets Or Fund Balances - Other Increases Restatement of prior period net assets = $86218
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