(Form 990)

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Noncash Contributions
Right pointing arrow large imageComplete if the organizations answered "Yes" on Form 990, Part IV, lines 29 or 30.
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OMB No. 1545-0047
Open to Public Inspection
Name of the organization
Regional Food Bank of Northeast Florida Inc
Employer identification number

Part I
Types of Property
Check if applicable
Number of contributions or items contributed
Noncash contribution amounts reported on
Form 990, Part VIII, line 1g
Method of determining
noncash contribution amounts
1 Art—Works of art ....        
2 Art—Historical treasures .        
3 Art—Fractional interests ..        
4 Books and publications ..      
5 Clothing and household
goods .......
6 Cars and other vehicles ..        
7 Boats and planes ....        
8 Intellectual property ...        
9 Securities—Publicly traded . X 66 4,719 Quoted selling price
10 Securities—Closely held stock .        
11 Securities—Partnership, LLC,
or trust interests ....
12 Securities—Miscellaneous ..        
13 Qualified conservation
structures .....
14 Qualified conservation
contribution—Other ...
15 Real estate—Residential .        
16 Real estate—Commercial ..        
17 Real estate—Other ...        
18 Collectibles .....        
19 Food inventory ... X 30,241,022 52,619,378 Nat. Wholesale 1.74 lb
20 Drugs and medical supplies .        
21 Taxidermy ......        
22 Historical artifacts ....        
23 Scientific specimens ..        
24 Archeological artifacts ...        
25 Other Right pointing arrow large image ( )
26 Other Right pointing arrow large image ( )
27 Other Right pointing arrow large image ( )
28 Other Right pointing arrow large image ( )
Number of Forms 8283 received by the organization during the tax year for contributions
for which the organization completed Form 8283, Part IV, Donee Acknowledgement
During the year, did the organization receive by contribution any property reported in Part I, lines 1 through 28, that it must hold for at least three years from the date of the initial contribution, and which isn't required to be used for exempt purposes for the entire holding period? ...................
If "Yes," describe the arrangement in Part II.
Does the organization have a gift acceptance policy that requires the review of any nonstandard contributions?
Does the organization hire or use third parties or related organizations to solicit, process, or sell noncash
contributions? ..........................
If "Yes," describe in Part II.
If the organization didn't report an amount in column (c) for a type of property for which column (a) is checked,
describe in Part II.
For Paperwork Reduction Act Notice, see the Instructions for Form 990.
Cat. No. 51227J
Schedule M (Form 990) (2020)
Schedule M (Form 990) (2020)
Page 2
Part IISupplemental Information. Provide the information required by Part I, lines 30b, 32b, and 33, and whether the organization is reporting in Part I, column (b), the number of contributions, the number of items received, or a combination of both. Also complete this part for any additional information.
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Schedule M (Form 990) (2020)

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