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Regional Food Bank of Northeast Florida Inc
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Pt VI, Line 11b Form 990, Part VI, Section B, Line 11b - Prior to finalizing the 990, the return is reviewed by senior management and the finance committee of the Board of Directors. Prior to submission to the IRS, all Board members receive an electronic copy of the finalized form.
Pt VI, Line 12c Form 990, Part VI, Section B, Line 12c -All employees, officers, directors and key employees are required to submit a Conflict of Interest policy upon their acceptance of a position with Feeding Northeast Florida or the Board of Directors of Feeding Northeast Florida. Additionally, all officers, directors and key employees are required to update their Conflict of Interest policy annually affirming the presence or absence of any interests that could give rise to conflicts. These executed forms are kept on file at the organization's office.
Pt VI, Line 15b Form 990, Part VI, Section B, Line 15 - The CEO performance review process includes members of the Executive Committee of the Board. The compensation review includes scoring of the position and placement in the appropriate pay grade. The sources used for comparison purposes for the CEO position compensation level include a non-profit study from the Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida as well as established guidelines from Feeding America. The Executive Committee deliberates the recommendation at a regularly scheduled meeting and votes. The process and the voting are documented for the files.
Pt VI, Line 15a The audited financial statements as well as the governing documents and the Conflict of Interest Policy are readily available upon request from the CEO, whose contact information is updated on our website.
Pt VI, Line 19 Available upon request.
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