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Return Reference Explanation
Other Revenue.1 CLEANING FEES $761
Other Revenue.2 SALES TAX DISCOUNT $4
Other Expenses.1001 Advertising and Promotion $1727
Other Expenses.1002 Office Expenses $878
Other Expenses.1009 Depreciation $4552
Other Expenses.1012 Insurance $13771
Other Expenses.1 UTILITIES $11267
Other Expenses.2 REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE $5848
Other Expenses.3 WASTE DISPOSAL $4644
Other Expenses.4 BEER/WINE $4540
Other Expenses.5 CONTRACT LABOR $4270
Other Expenses.6 SODAS/MISC BAR MDS $3262
Other Expenses.7 TELEPHONE $2831
Other Expenses.8 LINEN AND LAUNDRY $1859
Other Expenses.9 SECURITY $1385
Other Expenses.10 LICENSES AND TAXES $1270
Other Expenses.11 MISCELLANEOUS $429
Other Expenses.12 PEST CONTROL $268
Other Expenses.13 SUPPLIES $221
Other Expenses.14 GROUNDS MAINTENANCE $176
Other Expenses.15 BAR/KITCHEN SUPPLIES $87
Other Expenses.16 PENALTIES $42
Other Expenses.19 CASH SHORT(OVER) $-113
Other Assets.1002 Furniture and Fixtures - Beginning $9284 Furniture and Fixtures - Ending $5701
Other Assets.1010 Inventories - Beginning $4799 Inventories - Ending $2849
Total Liabilities.1001 Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses - Beginning $14787 Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses - Ending $13410
Total Liabilities.1008 Unsecured Notes and Loans Payable - Beginning $65450 Unsecured Notes and Loans Payable - Ending $95495
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Cat. No. 51056K
Schedule O (Form 990 or 990-EZ) 2020

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