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TY 2021 ExpenditureResponsibilityStmt
Democracy Fund Inc
Grantee's Name Grantee's Address Grant Date Grant Amount Grant Purpose Amount Expended By Grantee Any Diversion By Grantee? Dates of Reports By Grantee Date of Verification Results of Verification
El-Hibri Foundation
1420 16th Street NW
2019-10-01 460,000 Program support for field leadership training and capacity building 460,000 No Jan 2020, July 2020, Jan 2021, July 2021, Jan 2022   N/A
Field Foundation of Illinois
200 South Wacker Drive Ste 3860
2019-12-01 400,190 Program support for Chicago Media and Storytelling project 400,190 No Jan 2020, Nov 2020, Jan 2021, May 2021, Nov 2021, Dec 2021, May 2022   N/A