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PEO Sisterhood CA State Chapter
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Members or stockholder classes and rights Part VI line 6 The organizations members consist of the active, dues-paying members of P.E.O. chapters within the state.
Member election for additional members Part VI line 7a Delegates from each chapter attend annual state conventions where new officers are elected by the voting members present.
Governing body decisions Part VI line 7b Voting members attend state conventions where proposed amendments to the bylaws are presented and voted upon.
Form 990 governing body review Part VI line 11 Copies of the final Form 990 were provided to each member of the executive board of California State Chapter prior to filing. Board members are asked to review the return and respond with any questions, though no formal review process is currently in place.
Conflict of interest policy compliance Part VI line 12c Conflict of Interest policies and signature pages are distributed each year to all executive board members and to any committee members having influence over financial transactions. Signature pages are collected by the state president and monitored for completion. Any conflicts of interest that arise are to be reported immediately to the affected committee/board and the remaining members vote on the appropriate action.
Governing documents etc available to public Part VI line 19 Governing documents, conflicts of interest policy, and financial statements are available to members upon request. These items are not made available to the general public.
Audited by an independent accountant Part XII line 2b The organizations financial statements were audited by an independent accountant on a cash basis.
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